Watch how 5 cones move automatically without risking the lives of flaggers! This is the idea of my patent: using mobile devices to manage traffic. No more putting your life at risk - push the button on your phone and they will move to anywhere you need! I got great support from Federal Highway Administration, ODOT and State of California. I'm seeking $150,000 to build a prototype to start the traffic management revolution! Feel free to contact me 503-442-0012 and Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Who Needs Smart Traffic Control?

  • First Responders
  • Construction Companies

And Many More!!

These ENVIRONMENTS AND SCENARIOS are from Concordia University Homeland Security Simulation Center's website, which all need better ways to do traffic control, and we are here to help!


  • FAA Triennial Exercises
  • Dynamic Airport Environments
  • Active Air and Ground Traffic
  • FAA Ground School Support

Small and Large Cities

  • Small and Large Cities
  • Office Buildings
  • Light Industrial Warehouses
  • Urban Floods
  • Earthquake
  • Active Shooter / Gun Violence

Rural / Countryside

  • Rural / Countryside
  • Wind Damaged Residences
  • Debris Management
  • Trees and Power Lines Down
  • Resource Management and Logistics
  • Wildfire

Divided Highways and Tunnels

  • HAZMAT Simulations
  • Drainage Protection
  • Chemical, Radiation, LEL with Meters
  • Variety of Vehicles /Environments
  • Tankers – Pressurized / Liquid / BLEVE!
  • Triage Casualties
  • Technical Rescue


  • Respond on shore or aboard ship
  • Military vessel available
  • Launch rescue craft to assist
  • Realistic shipping dock with crane

Soft Target Locations

  • Retail Department Store
  • Grocery
  • Nightclub
  • Office Building
  • Warehouse Depot
  • Train Station
  • Many More!!

Train and Rail

  • Command and Control
  • Train Car Identification
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Site Safety
  • Evacuation